Monday, October 27, 2014


I just found out this evening that one of my favorite former students passed away last night. He was 30 years old -- which shows how young I was when I was his high school teacher at Franklin-Simpson High School in Kentucky, as I am 37.

He was one of those kids that just stuck with me. He was far from my best student. He honestly didn't care much about school. But he was my teacher's aide and in one of my English classes, and he was just one of those kids you couldn't help but like.

I'm sad because his death was lost to a battle with addiction. I'm sad for his family losing out on such a personable and kind guy. This is the third student (that I know of) that I have lost -- and all three were to senseless deaths.

Thinking and praying for his family this evening ... just feeling sad.

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Emily said...

I'm sad too, Coach K. He was such a sweet guy, always smiling. Such a tragic loss.