Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Music Class ... Abigail Style

Okay, now, to Abigail's defense, this homeschool music class we attend every Monday is for five and six year olds. She is three. Not even three and a half yet.

Sidenote: Most homeschool programs allow younger brothers and sisters to participate if they are not being a distraction. Families are welcome in attendance, and it is not unusual for an older sibling to be helping and a baby (i.e., Hannah) to be running through the action. Again, if they aren't distracting, bring 'em on.

Abigail is FAR from a distraction.

She might be the antithesis of distraction actually. 

To my great surprise, she actually wants to sit with her brothers each week. But anytime Pastor Bob asks them to stand up or do anything away from the safety of the mat, Abigail just doesn't move. Pastor Bob generally, no longer even asks Abigail if she wants to get up. He just assumes she doesn't and goes about his merry way. Here are a few pictures to illustrate.

Pastor Bob: "Let's stand up and sing a song."
Abigail: "Not a chance."

Pastor Bob: "All the girls line up like a train to practice fast and slow."
Abigail: "Not a chance."

Pastor Bob: "All the boys get in one train. All the girls in another."
Abigail: "Not a chance."

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