Sunday, October 05, 2014

Farm Fun for Fall

JB has, by choice, worked a TON of shifts the last two months. I am not complaining at all because this is a decision we made together in preparation for buying our farm and the expenses of coming back to America (i.e., need another vehicle etc.) However, with JB's parents gone for a lot of that time, it has meant that I got quite burnt out. And JB, missing the family, got burnt a bit too. We both said we would try to "go hard" for two months and then decide if we could keep up that pace. And we both admitted this past week, we cannot. It was fine to do it for a bit, and we are so blessed he has a job that affords him the opportunity to simply "pick up" an extra shift. But that's enough of that!

So this past weekend, he had three days off in a ROW! Okay, so not completely three. He had Friday, Saturday, and didn't work until Sunday evening. But either way, we were excited and decided to live it up!

We decided to go to a great "Fall Farm" for a pumpkin pickin' great time. Only problem was, after making the 1:15 minute drive, we found out, they were rained out for the morning. Promising to open again after lunch, we decided to push a bit and go a big mall and take the kids, for the first time, to The Rainforest Cafe for lunch. They loved it!

After that, thanks to the amazingness of cell phones that have Internet on them, we were able to check Facebook and determine that the Farm was open for business. So back we went. It was great because the 2pm start time meant there were no school groups and no families there yet. We nearly had the place completely to ourselves.

This corn popper thing was great fun. Except Abigail didn't want to jump alone ...

... and Isaac and Sidge would have a collision and kicking match to end the time ...

Here is the best we could do at getting the kids into a picture together. They each wanted to do their own thing ...

Hannah is SO different from Abigail when she was this age. She wants to be on her own and go herself. No clinging for this chick!

We also got a video of the boys riding a Zipline .... what a fun day!

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