Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Funnies

My Mom and Dad are preparing to come up here for Thanksgiving. They wanted to pick a perfect lego set out for the boys. So while JB was reading the kiddos a story at night, I got on the computer to look around for the perfect one they could order and bring up here for the boys. I remembered the boys saying something about really wanting "Lord Business' Office" from the Lego Movie (which is a really great movie by the way!) So I started looking for that.

Those little stinkers managed to see what I was doing. Later that night as they were getting in bed, the following conversation ensued.

Sidge: "Why were you looking at Lord Business' Office on the computer?"
Me: "Well, I just like looking at legos?"
Isaac: "You do?"
Me: "Yeah."
Isaac: "We do too."
Me: "I know!"
Sidge: "Next time, could you please invite us to look at them on the computer with you?"

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