Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Silly Scrubby

Scrubby has been with us from the very beginning. He was our first "child." And he easily welcomed each of the little babies that followed soon after -- including Isaac (pictured above) who joined us in 2008.

I have often recounted how Scrubs "saved my life" during that last year of infertility. He gave me something to get up for everyday. He gave me a jogging partner. He gave me something to focus on. He helped me meet people.

I have watched many people discard their dog after the kids come, and I promised I wouldn't do the same. But some days, it is not easy. Life would be so much simpler without this big hairy dog that knocks people over and sheds and needs exercise.

Careful or you'll get what you wish for.

Last night, Scrubs ran off. For nearly two hours, he was completely lost, and I had even resorted to posting his picture on some local Facebook pages for our area. Scrubs is an opportunist. He can be off-leash for hours and hours, but if he sees something that he cares more about, he will bolt.

But he has ALWAYS come home in a few minutes.

Last night it was raining. It was cold. My father-in-law and I scoured the neighborhood. And when two hours had passed passed without him returning, I knew that someone must have found him. He likes to visit backyards -- where the pet markings and smells are especially strong. Finding him would be nearly impossible.

And then a phone call.

Sure enough, a family about six blocks away had him. My father-in-law and I picked him up and I thanked them profusely. I brought cookies the next day.

And it took those two hours to realize that our home would be missing something BIG (in more ways than one) if Scrubs was not in it. He is an integral part of our family. I love him. The kids love him. JB loves him. The grandparents (especially Grampa) is crazy about him.

He's our boy.

And he's home.


Melissia said...

Please take him to a vets office and have him microchipped. That way if he is ever lost again and found by a family that takes him in to be scanned they can call you.

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

He is microchipped. Dogs have to be microchipped to travel overseas.

But even a microchip doesn't prevent someone from stealing your dog.

Momma, PhD said...

We had to put our 9 year old lab mix to sleep on Saturday. The hole she's left is large.

She was fine and 12 hours later had an internal bleed and was on death's door.

Like you said about Scrubs, she saved me. I got her kind of by accident (my sister adopted her from a rescue without actually having pet-friendly living arrangements lined up, so I took her).

I was a very lonely graduate student. Tracy was my pal. Got me out of the house, exploring the area, getting good exercise, kept me company, made me feel safe.

She's been with me through so many major life transitions- first apartment, getting married, having kids, buying a home.

It really stinks. We still have not put away all her stuff- her bed, her crate, her bowls.

Our 4 year old is full of questions and hoping that Tracy has a miracle like Jesus. It's hard.

I'm so glad Scrubs is safe and his 2 hour foray is just a healthy reminder of how special he is.

Jan Swisher said...

Being the dog lover that I am (as I am writing this, I have two furry babies lying on either side of my chair), I was so scared for Scrubby when you posted that he was missing! My heart died a little with yours as I contemplated all of the gruesome possibilities. I am so thankful for his safety!

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Momma, I'm so sorry about your loss. Ugh!

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Momma, I'm so sorry about your loss. Ugh!