Sunday, October 05, 2014

Eggless Pumpkin Muffins

Folks, these babies passed the Isaac test.

And let me tell you ... that is NOT an easy thing to do.

His egg allergy has him very tentative to try any new food. And quite honestly, if it is a baked good, he just usually doesn't even bother -- no matter how much I encourage him to give it a try.

But my friend Claire made these for him the other day at her house. I was aghast when he agreed to try them, and even more in awe when he LOVED them. (Like, loved them so much, he asked for another!)

They are a Jillian Michaels muffin using white whole wheat flour, maple syrup and coconut milk! No sugar and no eggs. Vegan (of which we are not) and yummy. We actually did half wheat and half white flour and they were FABULOUS. (We also skipped adding the cranberries as well.)

They are a little on the you-can-tell-they-have-no-sugar side so adding honey drizzled over the top really sealed the deal for us!

So click here to check out this AWESOME recipe. 

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