Saturday, May 03, 2014

Another one goes mobile

Hannah is nearing in on eight months old, and she is ALL OVER THE PLACE. If I "pen" her in using the gates, she gets angry. Sometimes I do it, if I need to. But she is happiest when given space to roam.

She can now get up and down the step leading to our kitchen. (Thank you Grampa for putting some cardboard down to ease my mind.) But she is constantly getting stuck in and under things. I found her under the table SITTING on the wooden beam that goes underneath the table. She goes under end tables and under exersaucer constantly.

The boys have been given specific instructions about how to hold her back if they see her heading for the stairs and I must admit that one time they had to utilize these holding skills. I left her upstairs in the living room for one second to go downstairs and grab a pair of underwear for Abigail. Abigail opened the door, and Hannah bolted. Sidge held her from going down the stairs while Isaac yelled for me to come. Oh, and did I mention I found her with a board from the fireplace hearth -- complete with a nail in it!? Yep. Mom of the year right here.

We are closing in on eight months old so I will wait to update with more details. For now, I am attempting to finish packing out a house, move into a hotel for a week, and then return to America -- with a new mover on our hands!

Here is a video of a few moments in the life of Hannah (and her big sister Abigail too.)

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