Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Pirate Ship Sails Again

In September of 2012, Grampa first came to visit the Azores and made this pirate ship out of completely free pallet wood.

Isaac took this photo of the pirate ship a few weeks ago as we prepared to say good bye to our favorite clubhouse:

Today, we relocated the pirate ship to our friends: Josh & Rebekah and their four boys. Sidge shed some tears as we explained that we were moving out of the house in six days and we would rather the pirate ship "keep sailing" instead of having to turn into firewood.

We took a video today of how four adults moved a pirate ship from our house to their house! We are so happy that other kids will get to enjoy the ship for a bit longer. It has made saying good bye to it a lot easier.

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Dad said...

Wow, Wendi!!! YOU are the bestest van driver pulling a pirate ship that I ever saw in my WHOLE LIFE!!!