Thursday, May 01, 2014

Things I didn't expect to say as a Mom

This is a list that I will continue to add to and repost. I am continually compiling it. Anytime something comes out of my mouth that is like, "Did I really have to say that?" I add it to the list. 

I never thought I would say:

"A book is not the same as a pillow!"

"Don't put the step stool on top of your sister."

"Don't walk across the step stool while it's on top of your sister."

"No, Isaac. Elijah doesn't know how to wipe your butt."

"No, Sidge. You can't put a booger back in your nose."

"No you may not wear a cape to church."

"Do not wipe your finger along the dirty car and then put it in your mouth to suck off the dirt please."

"Don't call your sister a Pa-poo."

"No, ketchup does not have bones."

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