Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday K.I.S.S.: Just laugh and believe

I'm not a Debbie Downer and like to believe I usually see the glass as half full. 

But I must admit that there are times when it feels like the universe in conspiring against me.

(Not that I believe there is a universe conspiring. But I think you get the idea.)

I do think there are times when you just need to laugh. You just need to laugh that more things are going wrong than right and remind yourself that it won't always be there.

You also need to believe that there are good and nice people that will come in to help you during the crunch.

Things are a little stressful for me right now. If you remember, last week I wrote about our water bill. (That story got even "funnier" when the landlord informed us after I wrote that post that they discovered we had underpaid 210 euro on rent during our first two months here. Yes -- 24 months ago!) (We didn't underpay but they are forgetting about a deduction they promised us.)

The stories go on. Here's another.

My Florida Driver's license expires this month. Knowing I am returning to the USA, I renewed it online. I had it sent to my friend Sarah's house near our arrival city so that I would have it when I got there. 

Only Sarah said it hadn't arrived. A month has gone by. No license.

So I call the Florida DMV. I get a message that they are "experiencing an exceptionally large call volume" and I should "call back at another time." 

(I guess they didn't care that I was calling from Portugal and had to use my computer and find a place that I didn't drop a call and that the time difference was correct and my kids were not yelling?)

So I google a bit more and find a number for a DMV office in the county I got my license in. I decide to call them. I get a real person! (That was very exciting!) She does some looking and discovers that the license delivery was attempted two times and it failed two times and so they destroyed my new license.

Of course they did.

She does more looking and discovers that it was because I typed one number incorrectly on my friend Sarah's address.

Of course I did.

But here's where things look up. This nice lady decides to help me. She decides to contact the state for me and try to help get a new license created and get it to Sarah's house in time! She takes my email and is kind to me.

Maybe she does this for everyone. I'm not sure. But her kindness made me smile and made me not doubt that I will get through this move.

Thanks anonymous lady! You made me believe that I will survive this move after all.

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