Friday, May 23, 2014

Sorry for Friday Funny Absence

I make a point to record Friday Funnies as they emerge.

But this week was so busy I didn't do that. And so, while funny things happened, I was either too stressed to laugh about it, or too busy to record it.

One memory I specifically remember was JB calling Abigail "Tinkerbell" and Abigail saying, "Daddy, don't call me names."

The other sort of funny things that has been happening is that Sidge has turned into a walking confessional. The kid has decided that he must tell us anything he even thinks that is wrong.

An example. He came up to me the other day and said, "I called Isaac a phoey -- in my head. I didn't say it out loud. Is that still wrong?"

And then today he said, "I smelled Abigail."

(I actually have no idea what that even means.)

He'll say, "I touched that shoe. I looked at that window. I told Isaac to leave me alone." And the list goes on and on. Sometimes he'll go more explanatory. He'll say, "I think I did this wrong. But I'm not sure. Maybe I did and maybe I did not."

We had talked once about how when you grow up, if you steal, you can go to jail. Sidge got very concerned about a piece of candy he had taken from me once. "Is there food in jail?" he asked. When JB confirmed that they do feed inmates, he went on to ask, "What kind of food is it?"

(That kid LOVES food!)

I have finally told him not to confess to me anymore. Just ask the person for forgiveness. Ask Jesus for forgiveness. I will often see him with his head down talking to Jesus, asking him for forgiveness for some minor infraction that he committed.

Minor infraction like smelling someone.

In other news ...

Nearly everything is done.

It's been two weeks of lists a mile long, but I am happy to say that nearly everything has been crossed off.

And it's time to say good bye to this tiny island.

No formal Friday Funnies. But rest assured that as life begins to return to some form of normality, my blog will too.

If you remember us in our prayers this week, you could specifically pray for:

  • Our transition to the fast-paced American life. That we can continue to treasure and hold onto the slow paced life we have come to so enjoy.
  • For Isaac and his stuttering.
  • For Sidge and his emotions.
  • For Abigail and her comfort with changes (like beds and rooms). 
  • For me to not get so easily frustrated and agitated. 
  • For JB to successfully transition to his new job in Emergency Medicine which will include some night shifts. 
Almost there ...


Anonymous said...

Thinking of all of you and praying for all your needs to be met in this transition!So hard on kids but they are resilient and so are you guys!! You have done an amazing job with your family and the rigors of moving and being in the service!!..God Bless and God Speed! xo Nancy

Jenny said...

Hananh went through a "confessional phase" shortly after we PCS'd 2 years ago. It nearly drove me mad. We constantly assured her that there was grace for her, and once she took it to the Lord it was done. Poor Sidge!