Monday, May 05, 2014

Eight Months Old

We had an amazing photographer on Base take some family pictures on Saturday, and I am going to use those for our eight month photos. I will be posting more of the entire family photos soon, so stay tuned!

I think this one will have to do for the monthly "sibling shot" I have been attempting to do this go-round:

Hannah is eight months old! Hannah ...

  • is crawling all over the place.
  • is crawling under and over things.
  • is crawling up many steps.
  • has taught herself to go down the step from the kitchen into the sunroom without falling on her face.
  • is pulling up regularly.
  • has begun mastering the "pincher" method of picking up food (forefinger and thumb).
  • is eating baby snacks as well as bits of grown-up food. (She tried a pizza crust the other night and loved it.)
  • is taking three naps a day.
  • is sleeping from about 7:30pm until 6-7am.
  • is sitting up by herself in the bathtub.
  • has two teeth.
  • has begun fierce dislike of having her diaper changed or her clothes changed.
  • is sleeping with a pacifier.
  • hates being put in baby jails!
  • loves when her siblings play with her.
  • drinks four, 6-8 bottles a day; eats baby food (approximately 2 containers) for breakfast and dinner.
  • is saying "Ma-ma-ma-ma" regularly. Grama says she has heard "Da-da-da" noises, but I haven't heard them myself yet!
  • can open cabinets.
  • pushes bottle or spoon away passionately when done.
  • is wearing size 4 diapers (but I've actually been using 6's with her recently since we had so many to get rid of from Abigail.)
  • is not recognizing or doing any signing yet. I'm going to start that this month!
  • is wearing at least 12 month clothes and most of those are too small.
  • has started exhibiting stranger anxiety, especially with other men. Doesn't seem to have a preference for mom, dad, Grampa or Grama -- loves them all pretty much equally.
  • likes toys but mostly just wants room to roam around.
  • has a fantastic smile!
  • has hair that is still totally out of control!
Here are some looks back at Hannah in her previous months on this Earth:

Here is a look back at her siblings at this time in their own lives:

Isaac at eight months old
Sidge at eight months old
Abigail at eight months old

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