Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Could you pray?

Would you all please say a prayer for my kids, specifically Sidge? We aren't sure if it is just the move or a combination of other factors, but the kids are all having some adjustment issues. Sidge, specifically, is plagued by intense concern and worries about being arrested, death, lying, etc. My heart aches for him and I am also exhausted trying to help him. We are hopeful that once things settle, his little heart and mind will return to normal.

Thanks all! And thanks to all of you (Jenny!) for encouraging us with stories of your own child's military adjustments!


Jane said...

Oh, poor Sidge! Of course it's going to be a huge adjustment. I'm a mom of two who lives abroad (and a long-time lurker on your blog), and I've been so impressed with the how amazingly well you're handling the transitions and are paying attention to how the kids are experiencing things. I only hope I can deal with the move back with such positivity, calmness, patience, and grace.

Please tell Sidge that not only is he surrounded by family and friends who love him and are protecting and supporting him, but he has family and friends around the world watching him and cheering him through the process.

Briana said...

Praying for all of you, but specifically praying supernatural protection over Sidge's mind, in Jesus name!!