Thursday, May 22, 2014

Today ...

... is my birthday.

Best birthday present is that we officially closed up our house yesterday. We worked everything out with our landlord. Came to an agreement on all counts. Were approved to leave the island as far as house was concerned.

Great relief!

In other news ...

Isaac had an allergic reaction to pizza on Tuesday night at Awanas. This means that he is now afraid to eat nearly everything in fear that it might have eggs in it.

Perfect timing. It goes great with a PCS.

They had a little going-away shin-dig for JB last night with his medical group folks. He got a really cool tile plaque with a picture of our town in Porto Martins and our family outside Buzius. I will really treasure that!

Tonight our Bible Study group is getting together for a little farewell dinner.

We are busy having final lunches, final dinners, and doing final packing for our fly out in just a few days.

Like with every move, this is bittersweet. So excited. But so sad. All rolled into one.

Stay tuned ... very soon I will be typing from America!!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!