Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sixth Birthday Party

This post is a little late. But better late than never. Two Saturdays ago, we had Isaac's Superhero Birthday party at the local movie theatre. $50 to rent the theatre with free drinks and popcorn! You really can't beat that. We showed the Lego Batman movie, ordered pizzas, and the lovely Sarah Dye made cupcakes! (Normally I try to make my own pathetic-looking-ones but because we had packed out, I opted to simplify and beautify!)

We brought our camera but forgot the camera card so the equally lovely Rebekah Storey took some photos for us. Check 'em out!

I love that I can keep the candle for just 8 months -- when Sidge will turn 6!

Look at that talent! And, believe it or not, deliciously egg free!

In her 2T Supergirl costume. You can't see it but I was wearing a "Wonderwoman" shirt. And JB had on "Superman." This was Grama's idea!

Man, six year olds smother you during gift opening.

Abigail finding a safe spot to chow down.

She had batgirl on in the morning but shortly before the party, she opted to forgo a costume.

I absolutely love this smile. Dave & Angel Pitts gave him a card with a cat that meowed "Happy Birthday". He loved it!

Another shot of the cat card.

Abigail moved onto my lap for a better view. 

Hannah (with a little cold!)

Love this little chick!

The lovely Sarah (the red head!) has been at most of our birthday parties. Honestly, people should hire her! She serves as your right-hand girl organizing presents, writing down who gave what, holding babies! She is simply AWESOME!

Lighting the candle!

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