Sunday, July 21, 2013

Regular Contractions

It was right around 30 weeks pregnant with Abigail that I started having fairly regularly contractions. (You can read that post here.) They ended up shipping me off to Germany right around 31 weeks, and I remained there until Abigail made her debut at her scheduled C-section date: 39 weeks.

I am still taking some Zofran for nausea on an irregular basis, but basically, the intense morning sickness ended at 27 weeks. However, right around 31 weeks, I started having fairly regularly contractions. They have continued. I basically get them every day. They are worse when I get tired or when I am doing anything strenuous.

The contractions are not too intense. Normally, I can talk through them, but sometimes (like today), they can get intense enough that they sort of stop me in my tracks. JB is not too concerned about these contractions because with Abigail, they did not result in cervical change, and she stuck around until 39 weeks. We are figuring that the same thing is occurring with this little girl. (By the way, she is still nameless. We have a few names we like, but we honestly think it may come down to the "day of" before we make a final decision.)

I tell you what though. I'll take these contractions over nausea any day. I am very uncomfortable a lot of the time and moving slowly, but ohhhhh to not feel like I am going to throw up most of the day -- what an amazing blessing!!

Either way, the Seeligers headed home to the USA today, and the kids and I are making plans to head back to the States in just a few days. We will stay with my parents in South Florida until baby's scheduled C-section on September 5th. (Unless, of course, she decided to come earlier.) JB plans to join us in the USA a few days before the scheduled section. (And hopefully ... she'll wait until Daddy gets there to show up.)

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