Saturday, July 20, 2013

First sleepover

So last night we had a sleepover. The Seeligers will depart for America on Sunday and so the boys have been asking, and we decided to let them watch the movie Cars and fall asleep in the living room. I didn't snag a single picture from the evening, but I have had these pictures ready to post for some time. A few weeks back, Max and Jackson spent the night. They did great. Abigail came in for a morning photo, but she slept in her crib, otherwise, the boys bunked out on mattresses in our living room and had a grand time.

The Seeligers leave this weekend, we leave next weekend, and Carla and family will leave the weekend after we do. What a great time "vacationing" at our house this past week. The boys played past the point of exhaustion, and we had a wonderful time.

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