Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Empty house

Abigail, Sidge, Isaac with their buddies: Jackson and Max.

Today, Max and Jackson spent the day with us because the movers came to their house. Tonight, I sent their mom Carla home with an abundance of blankets and sheets and towels because all of their stuff is in a crate being prepared for the long journey to Hawaii.

It will still be a bit before they leave the island. In fact, we will leave for Florida to have the baby before their family actually boards the rotator and heads on out, but it is still upon us. To have two amazing families leave you at the same time (Nick and Kristy leave right before we do) just feels like too much for a heart to bear.

In addition, this time, my kids are really feeling it. They are asking questions. They are trying to process their best buds moving to Hawaii and Louisiana and not seeing them for an extended period of time. I am trying to explain it to them, but I can't really make sense of it myself.

Abigail is IN LOVE with Jackson. She hugs him every time he comes in. He dotes on her just like a big brother would. She also has taken to Carla like no other person here outside of Daddy and Mommy.  How can those people just not be there anymore?

For this reason, the fact that we will "get away" during this moving time and spend six weeks in America will be good for us. We won't have to watch them leave us forever. I am thankful for that.

We won't stay in the military for an entire career. I truly do not know how people do that. WHile it has been such a time of adventure, it has also just been so difficult to make and remake friends so much. The blessings of having people in your life is something many of us take for granted.

P.S. And saying good bye is just no fun!


MtnGirl said...

I was a kid raised by a father in the Navy. I remember the moves, good byes, and the adventures. I think you need to change your thinking - you aren't necessarily telling your friends good bye "forever" - you never know when you will meet up again. It has been unbelievable to me how frequently my family stays in touch/visits with people from those "good old days." Plus, when you travel, you never know - your friends might be in that state/country. Your kids and you will be sad to say good bye, but that doesn't mean that when JB joins civilian life, you will never have to say good bye to someone again! Plus, there are TONS of perks to being a military family (just my opinion!)....

Anonymous said...

I'm with MtnGirl, I LOVED being a military "brat" and moving every 2 or 3 years. I love the adventure of discovering a new place or country, meeting new people, and rediscovering old friends in a new country. I would recommend it for anyone! To me, the perks far outway the disadvantage.