Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Really ... truly

This morning I decided to make hard-boiled eggs. I boiled the water to a full boil, then I reduced heat to simmer for seven minutes. I removed the pan from the heat. All to discover that I had never put the eggs into the water. Yummm for boiled eggless water!

It made me chuckle.

So did Abigail bringing me two tampons. JB has been preparing a "go bag" for a possible medical trip he is going to be making. Apparently tampons are something common to have in these bags to help with nose bleeds and the like. So while I was typing an email in JB's office, Abigail brought me the two tampons she found. Only my little string cheese lover thought they were cheese sticks. "Cheeseeee?" she asked and made the sign for please. No sweet girl. You cannot eat those.

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Wegner Family said...

Your 'tampon cheese' story reminded me of something Emily did when she was younger. She, like Abigail, thought a feminine product was cheese. For Emily, she thought thin pads (in an orange wrapper) were cheese. If she got her hands on one, she would walk around the house taking 'bites' of cheese. Silly girls!