Monday, July 15, 2013

Brittny (update)

I wanted to provide a brief update on my friend Brittny. Last week she went in for a double mastectomy. Her husband, currently deployed, surprised her. They gave him a few weeks off to be with her for the surgery and some of the recovery!
Brandon wrote on his Facebook page: "For those that don't know, my wife found a breast lump and it turned out to be cancer. Yes, she is 35, yes it was a surprise! Yes it sucks. But, we're overwhelmed with all the many 'good' ways that this played out. We're lucky she found it stateside on vacation instead of in Guam where medical care is limited. She has a host of family and friends here and her dad hooked us up with a great surgical team. So, in the midst of frustration/sadness we are very happy and content. Check your breasts ladies! Husbands, get to work and help them!!"
Then, just a short time after the surgery, he wrote to update us with fantastic news: "Surgery Update: (somehow just deleted previous post) sentinel node biopsy was negative as was the core biopsy! This means we got the cancer out before it spread! Brit still has an hour left of surgery and a long night ahead. Let's hope Demerol is as good as they say."
Praise the Lord! Right now, she will not require radiation or chemotherapy. How awesome.
But she is in a lot of pain. She wrote on her page just a few hours ago: "I hate to be one to complain or ask for things, but the last several days the afternoon and evening is the worst time of day for me. Please pray for encouragement and pain relief. I know it's only been a week and this will soon pass, but during this time I just want to either throw up or have someone knock me out until the next morning. There. I've said it." 
So if you could pray for Brittny's pain right now and thank the Lord for his goodness ...
Here's the post I previously wrote:
Christopher, Brittny, Brandon, and Sophie

I am asking you all to pray for our friends: the Hemphill family. This family has really travelled a tough road the last two years. First, Brandon was deployed for a year to Korea. Then, when he got back, they decided to try and get stationed in Guam -- where he wasn't supposed to deploy. Only he did deploy. He's deployed now. Six months after being reunited, he was gone again.

While he was deployed, Brittny and the kids went back to visit family in Alabama and Brittny found a lump. She is younger than me and has cancer. She is having surgery on Monday.

Please pray for this amazing family. They lived across the street from us for two years at Eglin, and we were so blessed by the people they were and the Jesus they loved. They are strong Christians, and I know the Lord will wrap them in his arms.

Thanks everyone!

P.S. Outside of praying, we have another "fun thing" we are doing for Brittny. If you know her and would like to be a part, PLEASE email me at for details.


Heather said...

So glad to hear everything went OK. I used to like perusing her blog and looking at all the cute crafts she did with her kids. Sending some love from Canada.

Nancy, Jeremy, Jack, and Julianne said...

So happy she/the team caught it early before it spread- what an answered prayer!