Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What did we do before Facebook?

Two months ago, as instructed, I found a family medicine doctor in South Florida who could see me and give me a referral to an OB doctor in South Florida.

(Why do I need a family medicine doctor to look at me and say that I am 34 weeks pregnant and have to go to an OB? No idea. But I did it.)

Yesterday, as instructed, I called my military insurance to tell them I had come to the USA and needed to switch my insurance to match my location. Move out of Europe and into the South.


The man on the phone then gave me a website to check my providers acceptance into their system.

I checked.

They were not in the system. Not the family medicine doctor or the OB.

(Why did they gave me the website now instead of earlier? No idea.)

At this point, the man on the phone said he could give me the number for a doctor in our area, and I could call them and try to get an appointment, and if they couldn't get me in, I could call back and go through the 100 number punching system on my phone to speak to someone and get another number of another doctor I could try.

I must admit that at this point I was crying a little.

But I called the doctor. He actually had a cancellation for yesterday afternoon. So at 330p yesterday I went and saw him. He gave me a referral to an OB.

Which OB you ask?

Well, that's where Facebook comes in. Man, what did we do before Facebook?

I posted my dilemma on the page and within minutes, referrals from friends started pouring in. One doctor was recommended by three different women I knew.

So I called him.

He agreed to take me at 34 weeks pregnant!

Appointment with him: tomorrow at 10:30am.

It all ended up working out, but I am really praying that that is the last of my drama surrounding my delivery. I would just like life to go super smoothly the next few weeks. For baby to arrive and us to go home and life to return to normal.

In the meantime, thank you Facebook friends!


Leeann Peterson said...

I agree with you. As I watched your dilemma unfold ( on Facebook) I thought, "Thank God" for connections, friends near and far and most importantly, for the conduit (Facebook) to make things happen when it counts :-)

Brittny said...

Oh my goodness I so feel your pain!!!!! I had to go through all of this too once we found out about my lump in my breast. I have been waiting since the end of May to get the results of my genetic test because the company that does this can't get Tricare to say that I have switched to South. But everyone else who needed referrals were able to do it. Eventually. One person called because they said I had Tricare North or West. I've never lived in either one of those areas. It's incredibly frustrating, but I just have to keep telling myself that our health insurance is paid for. So thankful you were able to get everything taken care of and I can't wait to see pics of the next little one!!!! :)

TAV said...

Sounds like you needed a family medicine Dr. who does OB/c-sections :)