Friday, July 05, 2013

Freedom Fest

Sidge and his buddy Jackson navigating one of the "jumpy houses" at the Freedom Fest.

The 4th of July party that the Base puts on here at Lajes has to be the best thing they do all year. It is really wonderful. Great food, great people, great music, great entertainment for the kids, and great fireworks. While this year's were scaled back due to government budget cuts, it was still a wonderful evening. The only bad part is, it doesn't get dark here until 10pm so we had to keep the kids up very late to watch the show.

We set up in the middle of the jumpy castles and were joined by about 7 or 8 other families. We just sat there, watching the kids choose house after house. Abigail really got in on the action as well (as long as she had a brother to go with her to whichever one she close.)

I am reminded, however, during events like this, that we are not in America. That we are celebrating our country from afar. It's wonderful to have other Americans to celebrate with, but you do realize that you aren't "home." I really do miss America and am hoping that by this time next year, we are celebrating in the good ol' U.S. of A!

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