Sunday, July 21, 2013

Abigail's 2nd Birthday Party

We kept things very simple this year. Actually, for Abigail's birthday, simple seems to be our theme. Here's a link to her birthday party last year. With the Seeligers staying here and getting ready to leave for America in about a week, we decided to just do a low-key tiny party at the house. Here was all we did for decorations:

Normally, I'd ask Carla the cake maker to bake a cake. But since she's packed out and her life is in PCS-mode, I went for it myself. Nothing great, but it did the trick!

Yes, my little girl had all boys had her party! (Even the not pictured baby was a boy!)

We forgot to practice the whole blowing out the candle (like we did with Sidge when he was turning two as you can see from this video) ... but Daddy made sure to help her! (I love that first picture. She really gets that people are singing to her.)

Sidge and Abigail helped me decorate cupcakes. They may not have looked all that pretty, but they were a hit.

And so was the ice cream (for Jackson who doesn't like strawberry icing and Isaac who is allergic to eggs).

Here's the little kids at the "kid table":

And the bigger guys commandeering the "big kid" table:

I have realized that a small, simple party, really allows you to enjoy your kiddos much more. We had a fantastic time. The party might have been thirty minutes long, but it was great fun! Here is a video of Abigail opening up her present: a baby doll.

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