Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Funnies

Sidge: "Mommy, they are not accusing me." (He meant including.)
Sidge: "Mommy, I need ear infections." (He meant ear drops.)


As a physician, JB is pretty adamant about giving body parts their "proper" name around our house. Therefore, a boys' personal parts are called what they really are. I'll spare you from writing the word in what follows. You can fill in the blank.
Sidge: (While sitting on toilet) "Mommy, Scrubs just licked my ____."
Me: "Scrubby shouldn't ever do that. If he does, you say 'No Scrubs' and push his head away."
JB: "Yeah. Do you know what could happen if you let him do that?"
Sidge: "No."
JB: "He could bite it."
Sidge: "And maybe he would bit it off."
JB: "Maybe."
Isaac: "Daddy, how would a boy go potty without his ___."
JB: "Let's talk about something else. Just don't let the dog do that anymore!"

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