Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Funnies

Last night we had the incredible pleasure to be treated to dinner at Jorge's house. Jorge is Nick and Kristy's landlord, and now, he will be the new doctor's landlord as Josh and Rebekah and their three boys will be moving into Nick and Kristy's house next week. Jorge lives in Angra (the "big" city on the island) in a beautiful house with an incredible view of the coast. Jorge is a professor at the small university here on Terceira island. We ate Portuguese-style lasagna (very different from anything I have had before and very good). We also had alcatra (a slow cooked meat that is very popular here on the island.) Simply delicious!

Like most Portuguese events, they start late. This means the kids are often overtired as things start after their bedtime. (Example: the local children's parade begins at 10pm!) (The Portuguese think that putting your kids to bed before it gets dark is way too early. But it gets dark here right now at 10pm!)

Anyways, during dinner, Sidge was being pretty whiney. I finally told him that if he continued to whine about everything, I would open the van, and he could sit in the van while we ate dinner. "You'll have to sit there by yourself," I told him.

He looked at me and said, "Well Mom. God is always with me so I am never alone."

Touché little boy. Touché.

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