Friday, July 20, 2012

How Abigail and Scrubs are Related

I have never claimed that my boys are a result of good parenting. I am constantly saying that the Lord had mercy on me. That he knew that two tiny babies so close in age needed to be a bit easier than the norm. And I guess now he knows that I am well-practiced and can handle something harder. Thus, the daughter we have.

Abigail is harder. No question about it. She is opinionated. It's as if she knows she is a little girl and that she can get her way with a cute smile or a smerk. Seriously?! At one year old!? And then there's her obsession with climbing into, under, and on top of things.

For example, here were the spots I found her in within just a few hours:

 First, the fireplace. That's the bottom of the fireplace and that's a piece of wood by her right foot that she found inside. I literally "lost" her. Could NOT find her. Then I heard her start to cry. This is very typical. She goes in some place and gets stuck or bumps her head and starts to cry. You'd think she would learn but this is not the first time she has been in the fireplace.

Stuckage has commenced. Therefore tears will ensue. This is a basket she found in a cabinet. Prior to this picture was a jaunt into the bottom part of the closet which is basically under a shelf. I didn't get a picture of that (it was too dark) but I had to go and retrieve her. She had also managed, earlier that morning to climb behind the couch and not be able to get out. (I lost her for that few moments as well if I am honest.)

I free her from the basket and she moves to a drawer. Stuckage commences. Crying ensues ... again.

 And then a few minutes later -- the top of the coffee table holding a water bottle. Here she isn't crying because she is still in control. No head bumping or stuckage means a happy girl.

I wondered where Abigail got this from -- this knack for getting herself into jams. And I thought of Scrubby. When the movers came the other day, we threw him into the fenced pool area so he would not be underfoot. He managed to get himself precariously perched on a ledge. Mad barking ensued, and when we went to check on him, we found him stuck on the ledge. He got on but couldn't get off. You'd think he learn, but he did it again a few days later.

And this isn't the first time our pup has found himself stuck. Check out this picture from when he was just a few months old:

Yes, he got up onto that kennel. No idea how. And true to the theme of this blog, he couldn't get down. He and Abigail must have something in common with this dog that someone sent me a picture of on Facebook:


Anonymous said...

I think she has a connection with her Uncle Matt. Keep the oven door shut :)
grandma k

Anonymous said...

Here's where your Facebook friend got that photo:

It's hilarious!!