Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Swimming maniacs

My little boys aren't swimming completely yet, but they are getting closer and closer. This is thanks to my new friend Jenn. She lives around the block from me and has a daughter, Rowyn, just a little older than Abigail. She was a swimmer in college and loves to do swim lessons. Every day that the weather is good, Jenn comes over after naps and does swimming lessons for Carla, Kristy and my boys.

Here's Isaac who is doing a great job -- especially because each day that he tries as hard as he can, he gets a little bit of ice cream after dinner.

Look at him putting his face in the water and blowing bubbles! Yay!!

Elijah isn't quite as good about putting his face in the weater, but he's doing a great job! He likes to wear goggles.

 Jenn is such an amazing teacher! She is so patient. We moms usually do not come in the swimming area, and she manages all five boys by herself.

Here's our swimming team! From left: Isaac, Elijah, Carla's sons Jackson and Max, and Kristy's son Noah. Jackson is the oldest and nearly 5. Then there's Isaac and Noah who are 4, and then Elijah and Max who are 3.

Poor Isaac tries so hard but he gets cold soooo fast. The kid just has a shortage of adipose tissue. The weather here on the island is just sooooo crazy. People say that each day is sort of four seasons in twenty-four hours. That is so true. It can go from sunny to windy to cold to hot to rainy in a matter of minutes. It hasn't really been sunny enough for the pool to REALLY warm up yet.

We are so excited to get the boys learning to swim. While our pool is very secure, with a wall all around the pool and a locked door, we definitely want to keep the kids as safe as we can as soon as we can.

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