Thursday, July 12, 2012

Friday Funnies

John noticed that his Bird of Paradise flower was wilting -- after he told the boys not to touch it.
JB: "Isaac, why did you pull this flower down?"
Isaac: "I didn't. I mean, I probably did, but I didn't do it on accident or purpose."
Isaac was drawing outside with chalk.
Isaac: "Come see what I drew Mommy."
Me: "Is it an airplane?"
Isaac: "It's an person."
Me: "That's great."
Isaac: "Yeah and I made a man with five feet."
Maybe that explains why I thought it was an airplane?
When Elijah sees a knife, he is constantly saying: "Be careful! That knife will sharp you!"
Elijah was reciting his letter C mememory verse. "Cast all your cares upon Him because he cares for you," he said, and then paused to think about that before he added, "And us!"
When coming from Base to our house, you come over a hill and get a magnificent view of the ocean just before you turn into our neighborhood.
Me: "Look how beautiful that is!"
Elijah: "Yeah! The river is sparkly."
Me: "God made that so beautiful for us."
Isaac: "Did you God make it beautiful or did the sun?"
After Abigail's birthday party, we had some extra balloons. The boys were reflecting on the one that popped the night before.
Isaac: "I tried to give one to Jonah, but it touched the grass and the grass popped it."
Elijah: "And it was loud!"
Isaac: "I thought it was fireworks."
Elijah: "Yeah, we fought it was fireworks but it wasn't."
We have contniued to use "being JB's sou chef" as a way to motivate Elijah to behave. He gets four blocks in the morning and must have one remaining to be a sou chef for JB after he is done with work for the day. Elijah specifically loses them for getting physical when he gets angry. Yesterday, Isaac, just being silly, hit Elijah in the bottom, and Elijah got very upset. His face got red, he started to cry, and he said, "You smacked my buns and that made me mad. Now you are not going to be my sou chef."
Isaac asked me this past week what the tampon machine in the women's bathroom was. I tried to come up with an age-appropriate response but was just stumped. After waiting a number of seconds for me to reply, he said, "Is that a fire alarm?" I nodded. "Yes, I think so," I replied -- thinking God would understand that lie.
Elijah was drawing with his chalk outside.
Elijah: "Does that look like a letter C, Mommy?"
Me: "Well, not really," I said. He had colored a square of tile nearly completely in, and it didn't even come close to resembling a letter. "Here," I said as I took my own piece of chalk and drew one for him. "This is a C."
Elijah: "No, Mommy. Not that C. I mean the C." I was confused until he pointed to the ocean on the other side of our garden. "You know. The water we swim in. The Sea."
Me: "Oh, I said," and looked again at his picture. "Yeah, that does sorta look like the Sea then."
Isaac: "Did God make everything?"
Me: "Yep."
Isaac: "Did he make houses?"
Elijah: "No. Workers did, Isaac."
Isaac: "If a cow has horns, he's a bull cow."
Elijah: "Yeah. And if them doesn't, then them is regular cows."
Sometimes your kids repeat things you say that is a bad reflection of how you, the parent, talk. But yesterday when Sidge looked outside and said, "It's a beautiful day outside!" I was happy that he also hears me say the right kind of things. (The two phrases the boys have picked up from me are, "Dangnabit!" and "Awwww mannnnn!" I really wish I had curbed those before having kids.)
Wendi: "Okay. Come here guys. I'm going to give you a couple of marshmallows."
Elijah: "How many is a couple?"
Wendi: "It's two or three."
Elijah: "Okay. Can I have four?"

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