Saturday, June 16, 2012

Almost a year in the Azores

Next month at this time, our little lady will be a year old! A whole year. Wow!

Just for fun, I decided to look back and see what Elijah and Isaac were doing at the same time int heir lives:
Here was Elijah at eleven months old.

Abigail: knows the signs for "all done" and "milk" but honestly seems to stubborn to do them! She also is starting to watch closer on the signs for "night-night" and "eat" and "more" and "please" but doesn't do any of them.
Elijah was doing the "all done" sign (although he'd put his own spastic twist into it).
Isaac: was signing "please" and "all done" on a regular basis. He also knew the signs for "milk", "bath", and "thank you".

Abigail: is not walking yet; has taken up to two steps; will walk with a push toy; can stand for long periods of time unattended; wants one of our fingers -- if we remove it, she drops to a seated position to start crawling; has now given up the army crawl and is crawling completely on all four's.
Elijah: was walking all over the place.
Isaac: was walking but not as securely as Elijah. He was still falling a lot and choosing crawling over walking when he wanted to go faster.

Abigail: Likes to snuggle; really likes to be held; likes to be with you -- she truly seems to be a mix of everything.
Elijah: Loved to snuggle, hug, kiss. His love language was (and still is) definitely physical touch.
Isaac: Enjoyed quality time; never a big snuggler but wanted to be read to and played with

Abigail: Has clapped but then recently, decided not to do it anymore. She is giving kisses. If you ask her and put your cheek in front of her, she will open her mouth and slobber on you. Totally seems like a "woman" when it comes to doing what you ask her to do.
Elijah: Clapped
Isaac: Isaac will clap on command, give five, and wave.

Abigail: Oh those blue eyes and cute smirk will get you everytime.
Elijah: Still has the best and biggest blue eyes ever; melts your heart with his big smile.
Isaac: A ham for the camera and a quiet sweetness to everyone he met.

Abigail: Eats everything. Would rather eat than drink milk any day. Does not want baby food AT ALL. Wants to feed herself anything and everything.
Elijah: Ate everything. Would rather eat than drink milk any day at this age.
Isaac: Still a consistent milk drinker. Much more particular and delibrate eater.

Abigail: Adores her brothers; starting to really annoy them as she gets into their business constantly. Is so happy when she sees them and when they want to hug her, hold her. Always watching them and wanting to be with them. Gets her feelings hurt when she is not in on the action and too little to keep up.
Elijah: Follows (and annoys) his brother continually.
Isaac: He loves to give Elijah a kiss on the forehead. Anytime Elijah is crying, Isaac smacks his lips to kiss him, then puts his open mouth on Elijah's forehead.

Abigail: Is not interested in books at all. I have to try and quick flip two pages to get her to sit and read with me.
Elijah: Likes to read books. Despite his busy-nature, he'll sit on your lap for long periods of time.
Isaac: Isaac knows what his books are and will crawl to them when prompted.

Abigail: Likes Scrubs; especially likes to climb on his bed.
Elijah: Tries to eat the spots off of Scrubs.
Isaac: Was a Scrubs fanatic. Constantly interacting with him.

Abigail: Soooo opinionated. Cries and whines more than the boys ever did. Wants what she wants and wants you to know about it.
Elijah: Still can cry so hard for a seemingly small thing and then barely cry at all for a huge clobber!
Isaac: Not a crier. Cried when hungry or tired.

Abigail: Starting to stop when you say "No" and give you the item she shouldn't have in her mouth, instead of putting it there. Mouthing less. Watch her when you are holding her; she'll bit your shoulder so quick!
Elijah: Still put everything in his mouth at this age.
Isaac: He is starting to pick up little pieces of fuzz from the carpet and bring them to me. Has never put stuff in his mouth.

Abigail: She's more inbetween where her two brothers were at this age. Not quite as curious as Elijah but opening drawers, taking things out and testing her boundaries more than Isaac did. If you tell her "no" she understands what you are telling her and either listens or gets mad that you told her such!
Elijah: Has a radar, I kid you not, for an open door or cabinet or item placed where you hope he doesn't find it. So curious!
Isaac: Never got into anything he wasn't supposed to. Really!

Abigail: Don't know her weight. She was just over 21 pounds at her 9 month appointment I think. But we really need all our 18 month clothes to get here on the big truck because the 12 month just really aren't cutting it anymore. Needs things longer in the torso. Pants don't need to be as long.
Elijah: 29 pounds. Wearing mostly 24 month and 2T clothes. Still a few inches shorter than Isaac.
Isaac: Isaac is wearing 18 month clothes now. Time to start putting away the 12 months.

Abigail: No words yet although she seems to say "Ma-Ma" when she is upset.
Elijah: No words yet.
Isaac: He is saying "hi" and "da da" and "uh oh". We also think he is saying some form of "Elijah's" name.

Abigail: She can already find her way around the house and will choose a new path if her path is blocked.
Isaac: He was now problem solving. Figuring out a new way to go if we block his way and where a ball goes when he puts it down a chute.

Abigail: Abigail will turn to Da-Da and Ma-Ma when prompted.
Isaac: He knew who everyone in the family is and will turn to them when asked.

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So interesting! Amazing you've kept track of all these "milestones" :)