Friday, May 06, 2011

Look who's three!

It was on October 22, 2007 that I first posted on this blog the secret of our lives. We had been asked to be the adoptive parents of a baby, and on his due date: May 7, 2008 we got the call we had been waiting for and made the ten hour drive to Fort Lauderdale to meet our little boy. On May 8, 2008, I had the great pleasure of introducing our new little boy to all of you who read the blog. We took him home from the hospital on May 9, 2008. On May 11, 2008, Mother's Day, we returned to Eglin as a family of three (four counting Scrubs). And then, on October 6, 2008, a Fort Lauderdale judge made it official. Isaac would be in our family forever.

One year later, we celebrated as our little man turned one.

The following year, a second birthday celebration.

And today, we celebrate three years with our son. This is a special day. And it is also a day he shares with his birthmom, Bri. Today she turns 21, and the child she gave life to turns three. Isaac is still a very calm and mild little boy. He is laid back and soft-spoken. He is our oldest son and always will be the child who brought an end to years of infertility grief in our hearts.

It is impossible to list all the things Isaac is doing at three-years-old. It truly feels as if the sky is the limit.
  • Sings the entire ABC song.
  • Can count to 10 and sometimes higher in both Turkish and English.
  • Has an unlimited vocabulary but still makes us laugh as he puts new sayings together.
  • Is still a little on the shy side.
  • Prefers to play by himself or with his brother on most occasions. Sometimes joins in with a group of kids but still not a huge fan of large groups.
  • Loves to play outside.
  • Loves to color with markers.
  • Is a great jumper and balancer. As of today, he'd make a great gymnast.
  • Loves movies and TV of all kinds.
  • Has started giving us huge hugs regularly.
  • Still prefers Daddy over Mommy on most occasions.
  • Has started dressing and undressing himself but mostly still uses Mom and Dad.
  • Totally potty-trained #1; afraid of #2 on potty.
We'll have his party next weekend. But for now, a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both Isaac and his birthmom Bri. We love you little guy.


The Mac's House said...

Happy Birthday to two very special people.

Papa Coach and grama Di said...

Give him 1-2-3 squeeze from us, ok
We love you Isaac!

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Isaac and Bri!!!

I love your little guy, he is one special little boy. And I am totally with him on the large groups thing.

Rabens Family said...

Happy Birthday Isaac and Bri! Give Isaac big birthday hugs and kisses for us. It is hard to believe that it has been three years already.

June said...

Happy birthday to both! Hope you have another wonderful and exciting year. How can it be that 3 years have already passed?!?

Gabbs said...

Happy Birthday, Isaac!

Wish I could be there!