Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Words & Videos

Mommy: "Isaac, could you please stop that."
Isaac: "I can't stop."
Mommy: "Could you try to stop banging that?"
Isaac: "No, I really can't."


We have one high chair in our unit. Elijah has recently wanted to start using it. This upset Isaac. He thinks he should have a turn too. I explained to Isaac that he eats better (without spilling as much) than Elijah and doesn't really need to use the high chair. "The high chair is for little boys. You are a big boy," I told Isaac.

Isaac thought about this for a minute. I tell him all the time that when he is a big boy, he will be able to eat eggs. So he said, "No, I'm a little boy. I am allergic to eggs."

True that.


Elijah: "Can I have some juice Mommy?"
Mommy: (just kidding around says: "No way!")
Isaac: "Don't talk back Mommy."

Excuse me?

And here are some fun videos to share as well. JB had the camera that records video with him in England, but he left it with me now.

OUR "GERMANY" HOME: Here's some conversation with the boys while getting a view of our new "home" for the next two months.

TURKISH TALK: We recorded this video for Hatice (our housekeeper). She's been incredibly worried about me and the baby, and we wanetd to reassure her. The day I was in the hospital, JB came home for a few minutes and had to sit down and calm her down she was crying so hard. Her daughter recently lost a baby at 25 weeks, an I think that has added to her worry. Isaac has been obsessed with knowing what the word for something is in Turkish. He has all his colors down now and is constantly asking me how to say other things. "How do you say car in Turkish Mommy" "Dog?" "Cat?" etc.

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