Monday, April 21, 2008

Still counting down . . .

I know everyone grows "concerned" when they don't hear from me as much via email or the blog . . . "concerned" that the time has come and they don't know about it . . . but to put your mind at ease, there is no news here on the home front. The only news is that I am quite sick with a head cold, thus the reason I am not quite as accessible to everyone electronically.

I spoke with Joan this morning. Bri is doing well. The baby has not dropped yet so there is no sign that delivery is immediately impending. We are just continuing to watch and wait. Being as I have this nasty cold, I am hoping that he waits a little bit so that I am good and recovered before he shows up.

Some of you have asked me how you could be praying right now. I have two main prayer requests. Those are for Bri's delivery and XY's health. If you could please just pray for those two things, we know everything else will work out. My major prayer right now is that Bri would have an easy time having this little boy and that he will be healthy. Thanks!

Stay tuned . . .

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