Thursday, January 10, 2008

Scrubs hates his gentle leader

In order for me to walk Scrubs and not be pulled all over the place he must wear his gentle leader. A gentle leader is a head collar that wraps around his nose and neck. It really helps to minimize the pulling during our walks. When Scrubs pulls it places most of the pressure across his nose and apparently dogs do not like this feeling. I imagine it does not feel very good. He does know which leash goes with the gentle leader. If it is the retractable leash he jumps for joy. I use the retractable leash when I know we will not pass many people out walking. When he notices the regular leash and the gentle leader he reacts differently. This morning he saw the gentle leader and ran from me. I failed to close the door to the laundry room and he ran as soon as he saw the gentle leader. I feel so bad making him wear it, but his new collar has not been delivered yet. I was able to get him back in the laundry room by bribing him with some yummy peanut butter. Once I had him pinned in the laundry room I had to hold him down to get the strap around his nose. Poor puppy! Once the collar is on he rubs his head all over the floor, rugs, grass and me. He also head butts me! I guess he thinks if he tries hard enough I'll give in. Actually, I did give in the other day. We were close to being finished with our walk so I just hooked his leash to his normal every day collar. He was doing great until he saw a group of kids and another dog. He wanted to visit so bad. It was all I could do to hold him. I learned my lesson!


Anonymous said...

You are good! It took both George and me to get the gentle leader hooked up when he was here. He is a stinker. He'd take the peanut butter treat and run from me. I was sweating before we even walked. But you're right, the other leash is very difficult to walk him with. I hope his new collar works better for all! Lady Di

Carrie said...

My lab doesn't like his either and does the same thing - rubbing on everything and me. But, it really is the only way I can control him on walks. Once I don't have it on him (because he'd gotten the nose loop off and chewed it apart) and we passed another dog and he literally dragged me and gave me rope burn on my hand from the leash. It was pretty scary actually. So. Gentle leader it is - whether he likes it or not ;)

AW said...

It took a long time for us to train our dog Bo not to pull. Everytime he'd pull, we'd stop walking. Eventually he learned that if he pulled, he wasn't going anywhere. Unfortunately I haven't trained my Maltese as well and she pulls terribly. But there's a difference between controlling a 10 lb dog v. a 70 lb dog!