Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The last pictures of 2007

Here are some photos that I stole from Joia's blog from New Year's Eve! I like this one of JB!

Here is JB and I last night at Matt & Tiff's. Our last photo together in the year 2007!

Joia and Jodi who were forced to spend New Years without their husbands. They had great attitudes about it! I know it was more stinky then they let on!

This is Matt and Tiff. I think they were making fun of JB and my photo. Or, they were just being strange. I have no idea really!

And here are a few more photos of the kids that I took just as they were leaving on Sunday -- pictures with Scrubs!

I also have some great news! The Polar North is not shutting down after all while I am on my cruise. Jodi, my devoted house/dog sitter, has agreed to also be blog sitter. So, you'll get some extra fun while I am gone -- Jodi's experiences dealing with my wild puppy!

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Amy T. S. said...

Happy NY, girl. 2008 should be a great adventure, eh? We celebrated at 10pm CST with glasses of water, nephews, and the wii game system.