Friday, November 04, 2022



I am not sure ANYTHING in the world is sweeter than puppies. 

In the meantime, one thing I know is not sweeter than puppies is the FLU. We are pretty sure that all four kids got FLU A (or if not, something equally repulsive) while I was in California. John, who had already gotten his flu shot as a requirement for his job, only seemed to get marginally ill. I am not sure about me, but I have not felt great. Mostly just very rundown. The entire Kotynski clan went down like flies.

Back to sweet things ...

There are many wonderful things about the life we've carved out for ourselves here in Tennessee, but I am not sure how different that life would be if I had not "stumbled" upon CBT (Central Ballet Theater) when Abigail was just THREE (almost FOUR) years old.

In fact, I went back and found my VERY first email to Ms. LoriAnn in March of 2018. 

Tomorrow is our "annual" Pancake Breakfast. This is a fundraiser for the huge ballet production we do every January. While the kids have been sick, I've realized what a blessing CBT is to us. You forget when you are running hither and tither. You think: "I wish I didn't have to run so much." But then the girls miss a week for sickness and you can't help but think: "I'm so glad we have ballet. They'd not be the girls they are without it."

I am also now on the Board for our homeschool cooperative: Heritage Home Scholars.  They are equally sweet to me. Between our church and these two "places", John and I have "nailed down" our focus at least for the next decade. I have little doubt these two places will be a huge part of our life for the foreseeable future. 

And then? 

It will be time for new post-children sweetness. But for now, I'm so blessed to be in the community we are!

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