Friday, November 25, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving from the Farm

Let's flashback to previous Thanksgiving's here in our life!

2019: On the farm! Ray and kiddos along with Anni, Jacob, and the grandparents here on the farm. 

2018: On the farm! Grace, Nate, and Ray (along with Jacob) were here for the holiday with the grandparents and our family of six. 

2017: Charleston, SC Went to Shane and Linda's house for the holiday.

2016: On the farm! John and Becky Connors and their kids joined us for Thanksgiving.

2014: Spring Hill, TN

2013: Porto Martins, Azores, Portugal: For the fourth year in a row, our friends Shane and Linda joined us for Thanksgiving! We are also joined by JB's family and friends from our Bible Study. Four kiddos in our family this year!

2012: Porto Martins, Azores, Portugal: Our friends Shane and Linda flew over from Germany to spend our third Thanksgiving in a row together. Our good friends and neighbors, Nick and Kristy were also there. Three kiddos in our family for this one too.
2011: Incirlik Air Base, Turkey: Large gathering of people for an outside Thanksgiving meal. Three kids present for this celebration.
2010: Incirlik Air Base, Turkey: Small group of friends over to our house where my just-learned of pregnancy with Abigail was the order of the day.
2009: Eglin Air Force Base: Almost all of JB's family drove up and we celebrated the holiday together on the Base with our two boys.
2008: Eglin Air Force Base: A small group of friends joined us for our first Thanksgiving as parents.
2007: Eglin Air Force Base: My side of the family made the ten hour drive north to celebrate the holiday with us.
2006: Rochester, Minnesota: We went over to our great friends house: Ron and Ebby Ray for a low-key holiday after another failed IVF.
2005: Rochester, Minnesota: While living in Rochester, we make the drive six hours east to spend Thanksgiving with my extended Huisman family.

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