Monday, November 07, 2022


I am recovering quite well. 

I get tired easily. I think this is truly just my body using its resources properly. It is fighting to heal me.

I am on a blood thinner for at least three months. This means I need to be very careful about accidents/injuries. I am also currently anemic. I think this has probably been going on for quite some time, and due to COVID and doctor's visits, I lost track of it. 

For the next week (at least), I can't do any farm work. My calf needs to heal up and dislodging that blood clot isn't advisable. So I'm gonna lay low and give my body time to heal that itself. Once that is better, I may be able to start doing some light farm work but nothing that could cause an injury.

Emotionally, this has been a lot to "stomach." I could have died, truthfully. It is hard to remember that we are mortals. It is hard to get old. You want to live forever. You want to see your kids grow up.

But, in truth, we are not promised tomorrow. Moments like this remind us that we are not immortal.

My in-laws gave me a necklace. It says: "It is Well With My Soul." One of my favorite hymns. So true. So thankful for a wise husband, great family, and friends (man do I have GREAT friends!), and just another day to live life.

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