Friday, July 15, 2022

Good bye Jackson

Tomorrow morning, we will leave Jackson, Mississippi and head back to good ol’ Tennessee. It’s been a long and wonderful two weeks. The growth in Abigail and Ana and Bailee both spiritually and ballet-wise has been incredible. For me, to have two weeks of no responsibility, is something I never get. 

We celebrated today with a Cinnabon and will now pack and prepare to watch our girls perform in the closing-ceremony-gala. They will then get a few hours to get some closure with their friends (it’s Abigail’s birthday tomorrow so she especially wants to “celebrate” with her group) before I pick Abigail and Bailee and we get one more night sleep. Then, tomorrow, I’ll get Ana from her dorm, and we will make the eight-hour drive back to Bulls Gap. 

I miss John sooo much. He and I haven’t been a part for more than a week since Hannah was born. And my boys are so “not in need” of Mama anymore which feels so weird. 

Time to return to the real world!

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