Friday, July 22, 2022

Organizing the "stuff"

We are going to restart homeschool on August 15th. This year I will be doing the following:

British Literature
Teaching this to 16 students from our Heritage Home Scholars group including the following students:
  1. My Isaac (going into 8th grade)
  2. My Sidge (going into 8th grade)
  3. My "niece" Ana (going into 10th grade)
  4. My "niece" Kari (going into 8th grade)
  5. Annabelle (my childhood BFF's daughter who lives in North Carolina but will zoom in with us; she's going into 8th grade)
  6. Walker (a friend of our's through homeschool/church/ballet going into 9th grade.)
  7. Micah (a friend of our's through homeschool/church) who is going into 9th grade
  8. Malachi (Maryah (Gabe's girlfriend)'s younger brother going into 10th grade)
  9. Sara (a rising 10th grader and daughter of my friend Catherine who is associated with me through homeschool/ballet/co-op.)
All of the kiddos above (except Annabelle) will also be taking:
  • "History of the Christian Church" through Sunlight with me. This is a Bible/history combo. 
  • A Logic class
In addition, Micah will be joining John for a Physical Science class. He is going to teach that just to three boys.

Whew, that's a lot.

I didn't plan on helping homeschool a lot of other children, but to be quite frank, their presence helps curbs the costs of our schooling, I enjoy it, and, teaching writing to kids is intimidating. So, enter, me! :)

The "QUAD SQUAD" is comprised of:
  • Abigail (entering 5th)
  • Nephew Eoin "Owen" (entering 4th)
  • Hannah (entering 3rd)
  • Niece Genevieve (entering 3rd)
Will be doing the following:
  • Sonlight Bible (with Aunt Hannah)
  • Sonlight Language Arts (with me)
  • Sonlight History (with Aunt Hannah)
  • Sunlight Science (with me/John)
  • CTC Math (online)
  • Crafts/Art (Grama)
  • Piano
  • Various electives through the co-op
  • Typing (online through Keyboarding without Tears.)
  • Extra Math (an online program to help reinforce facts)
My boys (entering 8th grade) will take the following:
  • Sonlight History
  • Sonlight Language Arts
  • Sonlight Bible
  • Logic
  • CTC Math (online)
  • Physical Science (with Dad at home)
  • Karate
  • Isaac only: 
    • Theater (at the homeschool co-op)
    • French (through Great Courses online)
  • Sidge only: 
    • Spanish I (at homeschool co-op)
    • PE (at homeschool co-op)
Getting ready for schooling is a BIG undertaking but I am excited about all the cool stuff they get to do this year.

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