Sunday, October 24, 2021

We Bought a Farm: MORE Stitches

Today we do #23

Honestly, stitches around these parts are pretty much just "par for the course." 

To be fair, this time Gabe actually cut his finger at Anni's house. But here is JB, minutes from heading into the ER, doing the thing he does with a needle and thread on our dining room table.

A look at all of our previous stitches on my kiddos and here at the farm:

Stitches #20 Gabe has piece of metal fly into leg while mowing at Shane and Linda's
Stitches #21 (Skin glue) Hannah
#22 Eddie's foot
#23 Eoin's face (hit his chin on a chair during ballet)
#24 Zoey's hand (got in the middle of a dog fight :(

Also stitched: 
12. Youth Group farm volunteer [chin] (no picture)
13. Karen's husband [head] (no picture)
14. Mr. Jacob [lip] (no picture)
15. Anni [thumb] (no picture)
16. Molly's husband Luke [thumb] (no picture)

Abigail (our future medical gal) got to help take out Anni's stitches. I love that Anni was okay with this! I would have been scared!

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