Monday, July 30, 2018

Summertime Hannah!!

Hannah came downstairs wearing long pants for a summer outing today.

I told her to go and change. She came back down in a ballet leotard, tights and leg warmers.

I sent her up again and she came back down in her "tries to wear it everyday outfit" which you can see if you scroll to the post below this one.

So I sent her up a fourth time. "No pants or long sleeves shirts!" I said.

So she put together this outfit (above). I told her this wasn't great for an outside activity in July. But I told her I would compromise. She could wear it if she brought a tank top and shorts with her. She found one of her sister's toy bags and did just as I said.

P.S. Now I want to add to this story. We went to hang out at a friends' house and let our dogs play. She changed into her shorts and tank-top but then took off the shorts to put the striped pants back on. Thennnn on the drive to our next location she started sobbing. She was stuck in the shirt pictured above because she tried to put it on while in her seatbelt and her arm got stuck.

P.S.S. This gal!!!!


Anonymous said...

That outfit is so awesomely cute. All those experiments are paying off!

swisherhouse said...

I so love this outfit that Hannah has on! It is so fashion forward for her age! I also love that you and Rachel both were gifted by God with at least one girl each who loves dresses, jewelry, shoes/boots, and just fashion in general!! After all of the days that I fought to get Rachel in a dress or just acceptable outfits, when I see Allie emerge from the house in her beloved dresses, jewelry, painted nails or sports outfits complete with bling, I confess that I snicker behind a hand over my mouth! Love it! Love it!