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Review: WriteBonnieRose

Write Bonnie Rose
We are crazy people ... so we homeschool year-round. :) Okay, so we don't work as hard in the summer as we do during this year, but we keep on keepin' on. And that means the opportunity to keep reviewing fun new things like the Learning About Science Collection, Level 1 from WriteBonnieRose.

Learning about Science Collection Level 1

Learning About Science Collection, Level 1 is a $12.00 downloadable product featuring over 172 pages of science materials for kids in grades 1-3. There are seven different books in the study on the following topics:
  • Familiar Plants and How They Grow
  • Fruits and Vegetables Around the World
  • Animal Habitats of the World
  • Our Senses and Systems and How They Work
  • Learning About Life Cycles
  • Earth: Layers, Earthquakes, and Volcanoes
  • Exploring States of Matter
Each of the books is approximately 12-24 pages long. I took a picture of my seven-year-old first-grader with two of the pages she did in the very first book listed above. (Please overlook her eyes closed in picture two :)

Abigail REALLY enjoyed this unit. And to be honest, my four-year-old pre-kindergartener could have done some of this as well. I'd need to read it to her, but she could totally do some of the tracing and coloring. In addition, I think kids older than third grade could enjoy this as well and see some important science concepts reinforced.

And this is just the beginning of the different sets crew members reviewed for this particular review.

The other reviewed funded include: 

  • Learning About Science Collection, Level 1 (This is the one I reviewed!)
  • Learning About Science Collection, Level 2
    • This is a continuation of the Level 1 materials designed for you 1st-3rd grader. It contains 163 pages of learning on topics like: 
      • understanding food chains
      • why animals hibernate
      • how plants grow and how they help us
      • a closer look at body systems
      • the cycle of water and types of clouds, 
      • the solar system, 
      • forces and simple machines, 
      • scientists and the scientific method. 
  • Learning About Science Collection, Level 3 (Print)
    • This is 135 pages designed for elementary students. I did not see an age listed on this program, but from what I could tell it could fit with kids from about grade 1 through 5. 
      • kinds of animals and how they live
      • what's going on inside plants?
      • life in the ocean's hidden zones
      • forecasting and understanding the weather
      • discovering rocks, minerals, and crystals
      • exploring the earth's landforms
      • energy and its many forms
  • Learning About Science Collection, Level 3 (Cursive)
    • This is identical to the collection featured above except it works on cursive and NOT print.

One thing I really like. These books do NOT discuss origins or age of the earth. If you want to explore the topics in this book from a Creation Science worldview, a free download is included with links to numerous free resources to help you do that. (Our family holds a slightly different view of creation than other Christians.) We absolutely believe the Bible to completely be the word of God. However, we don't believe in a 7-day creation -- in other words, we believe the earth is much older than some Christian Science programs indicate. It is nice that we can discuss this in the way that works best for us and not be "forced" to follow along with a curriculum. This would also allow non-Christians to use the program successfully as well. 

Also all measurements are given in both English and metric. Another feature I really liked!

Now here is some exciting news! You can save FIFTY PERCENT -- that's right 50% -- on the bundled package of Learning About Science Levels 1, 2, and 3 by using the coupon code REVIEWCREW50 through August 15. This means you can get each set for for about $6 per book. And remember, each of the sets include well over 150 pages of learning exercises.

Learning About Science collections {WriteBonnieRose Reviews}

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