Sunday, October 07, 2018


Here is Abigail with TRAPPER just before we handed him off to his forever home. Trapper went home on Sunday, June 10. 

Trapper's new family is with the Wilkersons. Jo-Lyn works with JB at the ER in Greenville. It was fun because Jo-Lyn surprised her kids when they were at her house and announced that one of the puppies was going to be going home with them. Then yesterday, she surprised them again. She had told them they were just coming to visit Trapper and instead they were taking him home! 

I plan to keep one Blog page going for each of our seven pups so that we can see what they are up to and doing. We are excited these are ALL going to families we know so that we can stay in touch with them through photos and maybe even in person. New pictures will go under these words with a date below each picture so that our family can watch these little beauties grow.

I must tell you that doing these puppies has been one of the funnest and finest things we have done on our farm. Not only has it been a financial help to the farm, but it has brought us immeasurable joy. We DO plan to do another litter in the spring and are already compiling a list of people interested. 

Hannah, Abigail, and their middle child, Lacey preparing to take Trapper home.

The entire Wilkinson clan with Trapper.

Jo-Lyn with Trapper. Gonna miss this boy!



August 1, 2018

August 11, 2018
(Looking for his best friend -- their young son!)

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