Monday, October 17, 2011

Three months ago yesterday ...

... a bit of pink entered our lives.

And we know we will never be the same!
As of today, Abigail Grace is ...
  • is cooing and talking a ton!
  • follows objects and us with her eyes.
  • Can sit upright propped by pillows.
  • smiles all the time -- especially when she hears Daddy, Mommy, Veronica, or her brothers' voices.
  • eats 5-6 bottles of formula a day ranging from 3-7 ounces each time. 
  • loves to stick out her tongue (as you can tell from the photos above).
  • sleeps through the night, every night (7pm-7am usually).
  • Takes 3-4 naps a day -- one is usually a little longer and usually wonderfully corresponds with the boys' afternoon nap.
  • Will let anyone hold her but does seem to prefer mom.
  • Gets very upset when you try to feed her and she is done.
  • Takes naps in her swing or in her bed.


Kristi H. Hunt said...

She is cute!!! Looks like John to me. Miss ya girl!

Anonymous said...

she has the cubbiest cheeks! :D


Papa Coach said...

First came our Isaac,
Who blessed us a lot;
Elijah was second,
He stepped up the plot!
Charleigh was third,
Her smiles hit the spot;
Baylee was fourth,
That our kids had begot!
Abigail was fifth,
We hit the jackpot!
So who will be sixth,
In the grandchild onslaught?

Alana said...

Wow! She looks just like Elijah. :)