Friday, March 02, 2018

We Bought a Farm: Trying not to fix it

Here's the truth. Sometimes you just can't fix something.

My house is broken. Well, not exactly of course, but sort of.

Our winter wear is in our bathtub.

Our computer is in our bathroom.

There are six people sleeping in my bedroom.

I am storing kitchen stuff in my closet and closet stuff in the garage and bedroom stuff in the attic. Everything is everywhere.

Did I tell you there is a box of library books being stored in the middle of my bathroom floor?

And there is dust ... everywhere.

So ... I started to sweep.

John shook his head and told me to put the broom away.

"You can't shovel snow while it is still snowing."

Well, you can ... but ...

I am a very organized person. My friend Angelica who is one of the most beautiful decorators and immaculate housekeepers I have ever known once paid me the biggest compliment.

"Wendi my house looks organized, but your house is organized. Your closets and drawers are actually orderly."

(She said it with her traditional Spanish flare which makes it sound even more amazing than it really is.)

I am not anal about it. (I used to be.) I am just reasonable about it and things being in their place brings me peace. I don't claim to do it all myself. I have a housekeeper. I require my kids to keep up along with me. We may not make our beds every day, but we put things where they go. Or would we try.

Except Legos. I have no idea where to put Legos.

(Which is exactly called Lego when plural but that just doesn't sound right.)

I am (mostly) a minimalist. Children have forced me to release this a bit because children want to keep every single little thing, and they have caught me more than once throwing away something that they considered prized but I thought was junk.

But here's the truth. Right now, there is no fixing what is going on. I must exist in it and allow it to occur. I must see my floors dusty and a tub filled with jackets and accept it and just be present among it.

I realized that this parallels life in general. We want to fix problems and make things better but sometimes we must just accept a problem and let the problem be. We must allow the contractors Jesus to work on the problem while we simply move from space to space and dwell among the mess.

And, I have no doubt, the end result will be ... AMAZING!

(Just like our lives!)


lyubov kishova said...

Do not worry about what you can not change. accept the situation as it is. because we do not try to change the weather, but just dress in the weather. Remember that you have all given into the hands of the Lord.Be Blessed by the Lord

Anonymous said...

I love your parallels to life. I’m heading towards practical, tho... We finished a small remodel a few months ago. I’ve experienced contractors who are amazing at keeping the dust/dirt contained & to a minimum in the rest of the house. However, that was not the case this last round. What carried me through was a promise to myself. When it was done, I had a cleaning company come in & do a “builder clean”. The cost was budgeted as part of the job. I could tolerate the mess because I knew I didn’t have to clean it up myself. It made a huge difference for me while things were disorganized & messy. (Yes, I still had to put everything away. That was okay, tho.). It will be amazing when you are done!

Anonymous said...
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