Sunday, March 25, 2018

Day 1 of "Hannah Chooses my Clothes"

Okay folks, the response to my decision to let Hannah pick out my clothes has been pretty amazing! You guys are way more excited about this than I am I fear. :) My husband, however, thinks it's very cool and said he wasn't bothered at all with what I might leave the house in. So without further ado, here is the first outfit she picked for me for church. 

You can see that she wanted to show you the "Dorothy" shoes she tried to wear.

I actually had Sidge take a video (JB was working) so you could see all the details Hannah put together to make this outfit happen. 

(The sweater was a compromise because the dress was a little shear and I couldn't find a slip!) (She wanted me to take the dress to our neighbor and have her sew the side so that I could wear my long johns with the dress, but I asked her if the sweater worked for her, and she agreed it did.)

I actually didn't mind this outfit much, and went into the grocery store and did not provide any explanation for why I was dressed the way I was.

Hannah was quite infatuated with my beads. Later, at home, she decided she would pair them with a black leotard and color. Who knows what is going through this chick's mind!


Anonymous said...

MY fave part is the headband. I like the total look on you.

Gabbs said...

Oh my......this is GREAT. I agree, best part is the headband!