Friday, March 09, 2018

Friday Funnies

I walked into the bathroom and found Hannah standing up on the bathroom sink.
Me: "Why are you standing up there?"
Hannah: "Because I didn't know you were coming in here right now."


John grabbed Hannah and picked her up to be silly. She laughed and said, "Daddy. You are harmless."


Today I asked Hannah to help me move the ducks. This means we walk over and "herd" them to their new paddock.
Me: "Hannah will you go over there and help me move the ducks."
Hannah: "Sure. What do I say to the ducks when I go over there?"


Hannah: "I am pooped. That means I am very tired."
Me: "Who taught you that?"
Hannah: "Grama. She said she was pooped and I asked her what it meant and she told me."
Sidge: "Do we say pooped because it means it just sits there?"

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