Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sibling photos

Last night as we drove home from Bible Study, JB had one of our family's favorite songs on: 21 Pilots "House of Gold." Our three youngest kids were singing in the back seat of the truck, and Isaac was sitting in-between JB and I, cool and quiet as usual. I just felt so happy. Things are so crazy right now, but hearing my kids singing and JB laughing and having my arm around Isaac, I just had such an appreciation for where my life is right now. 

I am not promised tomorrow -- for myself or with my husband or my kids -- this life is short and fleeting and it is eternal life that I must be the most focused on. As I watch life end around me, I want to try to enjoy the moments and appreciate them and remember that they won't last forever. 

I pulled up some of our recent sibling photos ... they make my heart happy. I never dreamed I'd have one child. To have four is beyond my wildest dreams.

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