Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Review: Study.com

I have had the opportunity, over the last few weeks, to begin delving into a new program with my boys, who are in third grade. (There is in fact content for as young as pre-kindergarten on the site and all way up into college, but I am focusing on my sons at this point.) I plan to share more of this program with you in the upcoming months and delve into how it is working for us.

But let me first just summarize by saying how impressed I am.

Firstly over 30 million students a month use www.study.com! That should speak for itself. There are over 4,100 video courses available on this website. You can search by:

  • Education Level
  • Subjects
  • Goals

Honestly the program is so complex, I barely know where to start as I share about this program. You can absolutely, without a doubt, homeschool completely with JUST this website. It is absolutely outstanding.

Just in the 8th grade section there are 178 courses for example. In third grade there are 35 courses available including:

  • Science experiments and projects (123 lessons!)
  • Basic French (272 lessons!)
  • 3-5th grade math (252 lessons!)
  • Plants and animals for kids (317 lessons!)
  • 3rd Grade Social Studies
  • Ancient History for Kids
  • Adaptations for Kids
  • 3rd grade English
  • Matilda Study Guide
  • 3rd grade Science
  • Charlotte's Web Study Guide
  • And so much more!!!

What I am going to do is share, over the coming months (and year!) which courses we are doing and how they are working for us. So please stay tuned to my Blog for lots of sharing on this amazing website.


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