Monday, March 05, 2018

We Bought a Farm: Our Aunt Anni

I love people like Anni. I love how the farm is letting us meet so many amazing people!!!

Anni came to a conference on our farm about two years ago. She lives in Knoxville (about an hour away) and after the conference, she texted me and asked if she could come and just volunteer on the farm on a day here and there.

She came. And she came again. And she came again. She keeps coming! She's a wonderful Christian gal who our family has just fallen in love with. She has become incredibly dear to us. EVERYONE loves Anni, and we really miss her if she goes too many weeks without seeing us.

Anni teaches math at Tennessee School for the Deaf. I am letting each of my kids choose the language they want to study for our homeschool curriculum. Isaac has chosen to learn French. Sidge wants to learn sign language, and Anni has been teaching him. We are hoping to make it more regular, but there is always so much going on when she comes to visit.

Not only is Anni a ton of fun, but she is a POWERHOUSE on the farm. She can get more done than anyone I have ever seen. And she is the only other woman we've ever had on the farm (other than me!) strong enough to move chicken tractors!!

The picture above was during a break in her help. While Isaac and I were inside playing his new favorite game (Dominion) the other three kids were working on a play. Hannah was a leopard and Sidge was the hunter and Abigail was the damsel in distress. Anni helped them write out the script so they would remember what to do. (That's what the paper plate she is holding is.)

I love how the Lord orchestrates friendships and relationships. I know this one with Anni is a lifelong friendship. And since she is a crier, she's probably tearing up while reading this so I have to end with a few Friday Funnies she had with Hannah yesterday:

In Anni's words:

We were in the front garden chatting about stuff. Somehow the topic of mice at my place came up. Hannah (incredulous) said: "You have your OWN mice at your OWN farm?"


Hannah came back from potting quickly and when I said as much she said, "That's cause I only had to pee, not poop, but I'm not supposed to tell you that."

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